Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Week @ Home

I thought coming back for 3 weeks might be just simple and doing CNY chores before CNY until what happened on Sunday midnight. My mum told me the next morning that I had to go to my grandma's house to take care of her as she fell down last night and lost lots of blood. When I reached there, my heart was aching. I never know how to express my care through my face, but my heart is really crying literally. An old lady of her age, I am actually scared she might leave me anytime soon and she is the only grandma I had left. She was the one that took care of me when I was young till I was about 6 years old. But I was glad that the doctor said she's ok. Well, i guess through her conversation, I can pretty much gather that she is really ok cause she ask me the common question of my lovelife and all. HAHA!!

Anyway, after that day, I headed back home and halfway home, I realised I forgot my clutch and all my IDs are in there. So, I rushed back to her house to collect it. Just as I was leaving the house heading to my car's driver seat door, a motor passed by and I felt a touch on my side and immediately i realised they were heading for my clutch on my other hand. Lucky enough for me, the clutch was on my other hand and they can't reach it. But what is even worst is that.. they passed my back slowly and still stare at me as if I DO NOT RECOGNISED them enough. If my instinct was faster, I would have gave them a kick to the back and their motor will fall. Or if my car was on the same direction, I would have drove and chase them. But I didn't do all those. I just jumped up the car and lock the doors. CONCLUSION: it's super dangerous anywhere we go.. those bloody snatch thieves are getting more daring..

Enough of bad news, then I felt alot of love when my dear ex housemate arrange a gathering dinner for me and most of them can make it. Thanks van and of cuz everyone else who is coming tomorrow night. I believe it's going to be a good night. :)

This song, I fell in love with this week.. from Fish Leong and I am so gonna buy her new album limited edition I hope cuz it looks like a tiffany box.. :)

This next song, is theme song for the Wedding Game movie.. I like it too!!

yes i know it's abit too lovey dovey.. but hey.. valentines is coming.. and I'm lack of love anyway.. so i love myself more lor :)

till next week.. maybe.. ahha.. i'm baking again in msia.. and cny will be busy...

oh ya pek lynn, i've made a small decision just now and if u see this, only I tell u la.. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chinese New Year is around the corner.... YAY!!

To my dear family & friends,

I would like to wish everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! It's another week to the big day.. I'm glad I'm back in Malaysia to celebrate with my family. With that I dedicated this song to you all. Thanks for being my family for being supportive of whatever I do. Thanks my friends for being there for me when I need help. THANK YOU!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Since the new year started...

Since the new year started, I have not sit still at home and have time for myself to think about anything. From outings to birthdays to gatherings, everyday seems to be busy until when I decided to go back to Malaysia, I am still so busy. Yes, I'm back in the comfort of my King sized bed, in a room that now I would say I spent close to 1 year worth accummulated over the past 4 years.

The room is still empty as since I'm not back for good, no point having all the other furniture except a bed or fittings yet. I told myself that I would decorate it well when I decide to come back for good or maybe at least knowing I will spend more time in this room. Among the rooms in my house, my room is still the empty one as compare to the room I spend more time in, back in Sydney, this room is super empty.

Anyway, having landed from OZ-land to Malaysia, I did goods things. I borrowed an Australian couple and an old Chinese couple my phone to call whoever they want to. Given in the past, I wouldn't give a damn. :) Then when I got home, after bathing and having a good home cooked food, I helped my mum cleaned the store. I knew my mum needs me, I will never say NO to helping her.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1 January 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

Before the end of today, I just thought I should jot down the details of how I spent my first day of 2009.

As you all know from my last 2008 post, I was at Sydney Opera House watching fireworks again. Initially we all thought we would not get such a good view as they were at the full capacity at 5-ish pm and we couldn't get into the better viewing area. So, we were camping near the entrance of the parking lot at Macquarie St. However, I think it was luck on our side that we managed to find our way through and got a good spot inside the area. I was glad I was with a big group of friends this year. Though the fireworks weren't as good as last year's but the company was great. We wished and hugged each other in the celebration of the brand new year after the 12 minute fireworks showcase. Then we walked back to my place along GEORGE ST. Yes.. GEORGE ST. It's not my first time walking on George St on the vehicle lanes but it still feels good.

We were just chilling around my place until everyone head home leaving only Ananda and Pek Lynn. Then, we watched 'A Walk to Remember' and then Edison and Kent came back with a bottle of wine, and we ended up watching 'Saw 3' too. I knew I'm not into those bloody movies.. Argh.. Anyway, it's an experience and we ended up sleeping at 5 ish am.

We woke up at about 11 something and head to Marigold to have the first brunch of the year. I managed to call dad to wish him too. After that, everyone headed home. I went back, thinking I could catch a nap but ended up chatting online with a few people, wishing everyone I know. I uploaded the photos up on facebook too. By the time I really wanted to nap, I just managed to catch a power nap of 10 minutes before heading out with Joy to Hornsby. Her aunties invited her to go up for a gathering and she invited me and Min Li to join her.

So, we went and the night was good. We got good food and good company. It definitely make me miss home even more as it looks like my house's normal sunday family gatherings too.

There you go, I hope everyday in the next one year would be as good.

I have many new year resolutions:
1) Get a Job
2) Complete my Diploma of Interior Design
3) Get my PR
4) Healthier Lifestyle
5) Successful NCG and M-fest 2009
6) Ivory & Co Expansion

These are the general ones for myself. There are definitely others that are more personal and just hope and wish that good things will happen to me. :) See ya!!