Monday, November 3, 2008

When October came and gone.. the ramblings of life crisis..

The month October came and gone just like that. I was back from Malaysia in the first week of Oct. That week since I got back, there are so many going on.. MASA AGM and ADND all within that week. Though I'm long gone in MASA, I'm glad I'm still intact with the gang. I would like to send my congrats to Junda and his team for the great year after mine. When I saw him gave his emotional last MASA speech, I know it was very hard for him. I personally experienced it one year ago.

At ADND this year, congrats to Aishah and committee, they pulled it through the night very well. i enjoyed it very da-much.. :) I like the committee dance part especially Cupid Shuffle and also the special performance by Alarice. I bought her CD and have since keep it on a repeat mode. :)
This collage summarised my ADND experience this year.. :P For more pics and videos, go to facebook!!

A week later it's another event by the MASA gang, first time on charity dinner event call Love.Care.Support Charity Dinner in conjunction of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We performed the chinese fan dance again but well I guess the lack of practice kinda make it abit messy and mistakes here and there. There are some really INTERESTING performances too.. like Tania, June & Julian Duo, Yamud & Nik Amif Duo and even Edison's flag dance. Alarice performed again for us. For Pics and videos.. go to my facebook.. :)

Then after that, all the thinking I had to do on whether to do M-fest again started and on 26 Oct 2008, I took up the position of CEP for M-fest 2009. Thanks to all the ex-ceps, ex-comrades and seniors and not to forget people who believe in me. THANK YOU so much for giving me the support and believe that I can do it. I am happy with the committee and hopefully together we can make M-fest 2009 a success. I mentioned in my speech, this is my last year and so I really want to make it more memorable as ever.

And now, i'm on my drive of doing M-fest and looking for a job while waiting for my PR application.. Family is suggesting that I could study more if I want since the economic crisis kicked in and the possibility of getting a job now is harder. I'm back on gym routine after a long break.. really had to pump up my stamina like crazy..

Life is filled with so many thinkings to do.. and yet, I still feel there is something missing in life for me... can someone tell me what is that??

A Short Trip Home..Sept 08

Yes, this is very late to blog on the trip i had about a month back but I reckoned it is one of the best short trip home. I decided very last minute to go home and do my IELTS test back home for PR purpose and well.. it is a very short trip back indeed. 2 weeks only.

This time around, I tried taking AirAsia X back from Gold Coast to KL. It's ok for the price, a lot cheaper than MAS. I didn't get to use the MAS tic I won at M-fest as it is their peak period.

MALAYSIA smells the same.. :) Anyway, I did a couple of documents signed for police clearance for Malaysia and all... even got to go to one of the ahli parliment's office for signature, thanks to him for supporting me for my PR application for Australia. :) Anyway, I landed on Monday early morning at 4-5am at LCCT and that is when i feel.. Next day took a trip to Putrajaya to deal with the application and all at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

That day, I managed to go and visit my aunty for a while and saw my baby niece for the 1st time since she was born early in this year while I'm in Sydney. At the same time, got bullied by the other 2 nieces.. naughty ones but adorable still.

My baby niece, Ying Ni and the two elder ones, Ying Wei and Ying Wen.

I managed to go and visit my grandma too that afternoon as my dad had to pick her up for medical appointment. No pics of my grandma cause she doesn't like to take pics. :) Most importantly, I LOVE DRIVING back home.. :)

minus the jam... me driving mum's RAV 4 when dad's car is in front..

That night, I managed to meet up with the girls, Wei Teing, Moon Sin and Marina for dinner at The Champs in Centrepoint for Moon Sin's birthday. It was good to catch up with them after so long. All the talks on friends and latest news on work and all. We had Baskin Robbins ice cream too when Calvin joined us. Great night indeed.

one candid shot of us laughing.. which i love it.. and one properly pose one...thanks calvin..:)

Over the week, I did cupcake survey back home, visiting some of the cupcake shops around like the famous Cupcake Chic at The Curve. I bought 1/2 a dozen for RM25. I only tried it just before I left back for Sydney.

I tried one at the Marmalade in Bangsar too, simple ones for RM5 each.

Overall, I made a conclusion that most commercial cupcake businesses in Malaysia are very standard in design and flavours. I would say Cupcake on Pitt impressed me more if compare to them. But well, it's still new trend in Malaysia, hopefully it would be better when I go back next.

I did my IELTS exam throughout that week and even bumped into Vicky, a friend I knew from Joy and Min Li, at the exam hall. Damn, I noticed many people were taking that exam for migration. Over the week, since I was home most of the time, I either cook or go out to Kota Kemuning town to buy some of the great food to try like Ah Hua's Char Kuey Teow that both me and Junda agree is the best in town. There is a couple of new food shops up too like Pun Chun Noodle House and a couple of Modern Kopitiam around.

That weekend, Mum told me that I am to do 3 sets of Birthday Cupcakes for my Aunty SK Wong, Cousin Esther and Cousin Weng Sum as she is arranging for a family gathering over that Saturday. So, I went to my favourite bakery supplies shops in Taman Megah and buy necessary stuff to do it. I'm glad that they were happy with it as I didn't have all my utensils back home to do what I normally do in Sydney with Angeline. The flavours I did were Choc Devil, Strawberry, Vanilla Tim Tam Crush and Orange-Berry. The kids love the mini ones. I somehow think I would be able to make it look better if I had my piping tools with me. But oh well, at least Mum was impressed cause this is the first time I did for the family, knowing that I am doing a business of it in Sydney.

On Sunday, we continue celebrating at Klang's famous seafood restaurant, Coconut Flower for some great seafood and crabs. Yummy!!

All the scenes of the birthday celebration dinner at Klang

On Monday, Cousin Wei Ting and I made a trip out meeting my old childhood friend, Choy Kim for banana leave rice dinner at Bangsar's Nirvana. Later that night, I went to meet up Jolyn, June, Kim Teck and Tneh for drinks at Hartamas. It's nice to meet Jolyn again after so long. :)

Bananaleave Rice, me with Kim and Ting with Kim

The next day, I organised a meet up at SS2, Wai Sek Kai to meet up all old mates from uni. Thanks to Wei Teing, Moon Sin, Marina, Vanessa, Khar Yan, Puei Yan, See Yi, Evelyn, Chng Toh, Wei Wern, Wai Yuen and Calvin for coming. I guess it's been a while since they last meet up too so that night we chit chat so much that we had to end up in SS2 Mc D.

On Wednesday and Thursday was Raya and so, I decided to just keep that 2 days free for my family and so those days were pretty laid back. Either we go to my mum's shop to help out or just go around. I did some shopping to bring back to Sydney too.

On Friday, I reckon that is the only time I could meet anymore people and so, I called up Alia and Khad to meet up for lunch and was glad that they were free too. So, we ended up in Bangsar's Delicious. I had heard so much about that restaurant's food and so was glad to get a chance to try. Good chat time with the girls and all.

We basically update each other about both side of the world.. hehe:) That night, I met up with Syreen, Hanis, Louise and Jolyn. It was good to catch up with all of them too. Thanks for the time, girls. I just realised I met with most of my girl friends in one day. :) I even met a senior from high school and TBS that was also Louise's friend too. The world is small...:)

me with Jo, Lou and Syreen..

On Saturday and Sunday, basically family day, finalising my stuff heading back to Sydney on Monday. On Sunday, my father side relative organised a simple lunch at my grandma's house, knowing that I'm leaving soon. I had my favourite hokkien style glutinous rice with curry chicken. Knowing that most of them are diabetic background, I tried making diabetic cupcakes that tasted like scones but still good. That's the problem baking with sweetener instead of sugar.

my grandma and the ladies in the kitchen..

That night, my Uncle Yap Ah Loy spent me dinner at a restaurant near my house. OMG, I freaking love the salted fish with pork and spare ribs and all.. it's so good.

Mum with Ying Ni, the food...missing it!!

Cousin Wei Ting(Sally), me and Cousin Hong Yan(Joanna)

On my last day, my aunt purposely cooked me a nice homecook dinner before I head back to Sydney. I feel so reluctant to leave but I had to. I hope the next time I go back, I would be able to either stay longer or for good.. who knows.

me with dad, mum at the airport (I know she might tear if I with her), me with aunt and my baby niece..
So, I head back to Gold Coast from KL via Air Asia X and since there is no flight from Gold Coast back to Sydney, I had to catch a train all the way to Brisbane city and head back to Sydney instead. @ brissie airport

It was a good trip back.. but I know I miss many things back home. By just coming back to my Sydney house, I looked at my room, I know I miss my room back home even more too.

That's all now, next post.. won't be emo I hope.. :) I MISS YOU ALL BACK HOME.. dad, mum and everyone else.