Saturday, January 23, 2010

things are unpredictable!!

It's been 23 days since the new year started and what can I say, the journey have not been easy for me.

I'm hoping to get good news and all but it's not really coming smoothly. When you kinda wish things would happen it would kind of disappoint you a bit but delaying the results. So, how to work things then things are getting stuck? Wish me the very best. I believe we are working hard for that something to happen!!!! So, may the good luck comes...

Ironically, when you do not expect things to happen, it just keep coming every round. What happen you may ask? HAHA! I attempted to play texas holdem poker with the guys last night. Usually, I enjoy watching them play and seeing them go pokerfaced with one another and last week, I did mention I would play if they are doing it this week again. I was thinking, why not donate some money and enjoy playing with them and see. So, they were playing a few rounds until I decided to join in with my housemate after playing wii. So, i started playing with $10 first. Then, lost it all in a few rounds. Then, I bought in another $10. Then things started to get a bit freaky. Every round I play, when I thought I no way close, I get good hands. Keep doing it for a lot of rounds. Until my friends left the game, came back in and all, they still did not change the wind of good hands. It's not that I play pokerface or what, I did try some rounds faking it, but still the last card came in just surprised me sometimes. Well, at the end, I won about $33 profit. Yes getting back the initial investment of $20 and also profit!! How freaky is it, I'll let Ming Yow tell you stories.. HAHA!! I just enjoyed seeing their face when my cards came out. Anyway, being a non gambler person, I used the profit for breakfast this morning since we played all night till morning. Yes, crazy!! :) So, when you don't hope for anything big, it just kinda come your way. Conclusion, the guys are not playing poker at our house anymore as they claimed there is jampi in the house that makes both me and joy win respectively. :)

Life is so unpredictable. So, how are we going to know whether things will work our way or not. It's the same with relationships too. Now, at 25.. and turning 26 in 7 months time, I'm feeling pressured. Though my parents did not really pressure me on it, but I know very well time is ticking. Many friends my age are either in a stable relationship or some even got married and had kids. Oh my. Mum even talked to a chinese medium and she concluded saying that I should take my time and don't rush in getting a guy, 26 years old still ok, it's the new generation. Even she knows I am looking. Haha. Well, since what she said, I kinda knew that the Mr Right is not around yet. I just hope I do not be so blind not to see him when he passed by. So, now, I'm doing the same like what I did for poker, do not expect anything.. as maybe it might or might not happen. :) Wish me luck!!

So, the conclusion of this post is with things being unpredictable, somethings will either happen or not, but if you believe in yourself and have faith and hope that something nice would happen, it might just happen when you least expected it to happen. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Look, New Journey

Welcome 2010!! Finally it's the new year and I spent the past few hours waiting for the fireworks and all. But I am so 'SMART' that I packed all the necessary gears and all for the camp of waiting for the fireworks and forgot my DLSR's SD memory card. So smart to start the year. :) So, whatever photos I post here today would be credits to friends. But I did a video shoot and it's not very good condition so, I'll leave that out until I edit it. :)

But I would highly credit Justin Oh, a friend of mine that did his fabulous video shoot and photo shoot. :)

Sydney Fireworks 2010 NYE from Justin Oh on Vimeo.

As for photos, thanks to audrey for some really nice shots.. :) I'll just put one up. The rest, check her facebook.. :)

Credit to Audrey Lian

So, there you go a night of fireworks and that is how Sydney welcomed it with a bang. Even mum told me she was going to rush to the phone to ask my aunt to watch it from Astro but she knocked her leg and ended up to watch the whole thing in pain. Aiks...

Basically, we started that morning doing crazier thing like taking shoots of the opera house on the first morning of 2010. We wanted to do the sunrise but because we woke up late and it was rather cloudy, it's hard to see the best sunrise. So, this is my shot of the day, first day of 2010. :)

We carried on going to Pancakes on the Rocks for breakfast and went back home to sleep after that as we are all sleep deprived. Then I managed to get up for lunch with Brian as he was in town visiting with Michael. The rest of the day was pretty simple, spending girl time with Audrey and finally brought her to MAMAK where she was so happy with her meal. :)

That's a nice first day of the year 2010. :) And yes.. I did a change to my blog... just thought to make it more personal.. i should love my smile more.. :) And that's how I'm going to start the journey.. :)