Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malaysian Artistes For Unity - Here In My Home

I was surfing around one day and I came across something that attracted me a lot. It's the Malaysian Artistes For Unity project that was a project that was done by Malaysian Artistes and it is done without getting any funding from any sources, solely from the heart of the Malaysia Artistes. And what more.. it is distributed and allowed to be downloaded from online for free. All this for one hope... the hope for UNITY for our country!!

This is the video of the song... ENJOY!!

I totally support this MAFU project as what was said at the press conference is very true about the unity issue amongst the Malaysians and it is happening everywhere be it in Malaysia or around the world, whether we realized or not. So, please let us all Malaysians stay as united as possible. For now that I am in Sydney, I realized that the unity is important amongst Malaysians. I'm sure, my friends, you know who you are.. I'm glad that we are all united here and happy about it!!

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